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Thanks for visiting my little corner of this site!

I’m Dakota, a website designer in Kansas City that loves to create beautiful online spaces for women in health and wellness professions.

Hi Lovely!

I love empowering women in business!

In the past 10 years, I’ve held several different businesses, helped several others with their businesses, and I totally get how challenging it can be to juggle all that comes with business ownership.

The more I worked with my website and the websites of other businesswomen, I started to see the importance of a well-designed and organized website. As it turns out, it’s my favorite part of starting and running a business!

Building and designing websites is my jam, and I am here to help you tackle this big, important, and EXCITING step in your business.

If you’re ready to work with a website designer that understands your needs and listens to your business goals, then let’s chat! Inquire today and let’s hop on a complimentary Discovery Call to see if we’re fit to make a great team.

We Businesswomen gotta stick together

As a licensed chiropractor who offers office relief for busy moms, time away for recovery from surgery, or just a minute to breathe and get out of town, I am also here to offer you website relief.

Relief from stale business growth.

Relief from feeling overwhelmed with website maintenance.

Relief from not having a site that reflects you or your services.

Let me help you elevate your business once and for all. Let’s tell your story about how you came to provide your unique business. Ultimately, let’s grow your business!

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